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About Us

There are plenty of websites targeting Assam and northeast India for helping people in finding jobs and the details of the application process. The main revenue of these sites is advertisements and sponsors by educational companies and recently by looking or knowing the incomes of such a website a large number of people have started creating jobs portals. As even a layman can create a website nowadays with so much existing technology and can put jobs from different sources without validating the job authenticity so it has been a great concern of job seekers about the truthfulness of such job listings.

keeping in view of the above points a small team with a history of engineering and computer background have started jobs2jobs.com back in 2000 so that our main priority is to validate the jobs at source level and list the jobs only after validation. You can check here that we actually created this site in the year 2000.

In this website, we have categorized the job listing depending upon the place of posting, type of jobs whether govt or private, if governmental whether central or state govt, minimum educational qualifications required, district wise, job type, etc. This categorization helps the visitors to filter jobs according to their requirements.

we have a strong dedicated network of agencies through which we get the job vacancies as early as possible. We also rely on some highly established national news media for job information.